Books — and a movie

When a box of hardcover books arrives at your door, and your name is on those books, it’s a big day, especially if it’s your first time. But yesterday’s delivery was overshadowed by the arrival, in my email inbox, of a link to the above video — a trailer for Born to Walk directed and edited by my good friend, the amazingly talented Jan Silverthorne. Jan, whose deft touch in the editing suite can be seen on CBC shows such as The National and The Fifth Estate, spent a week with me in Ottawa crafting the videos and photos I shot during my research and reporting trips into a fast-flowing promo for the book. With a soundtrack supplied by high-octane Edmonton band The Wet Secrets — their new album was released in early February, and they’re hitting the road to SXSW and touring with Whitehorse soon — as well as inspiring drumming by the Black Bear Singers of Manawan, walking has never seemed this exciting before.

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