Start the presses

borntowalk_coverIt’s official: Born to Walk has been sent to the printer. The official release date is April 1, and there will be launch events in Toronto and Ottawa that month. The Toronto launch will be on Thursday, April 16; more details coming soon. Launches will hopefully be planned for Edmonton and Calgary this spring as well. You can preorder a hardcover or electronic version from Indigo or Amazon, or directly from my publisher, ECW Press. (Don’t get it confused with this book, which has the same name. I have the other Born to Walk, and it’s a very informative exploration of the mechanics of bipedal movement, aimed at physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and other professionals — a good book, but not the same thing.)

Here’s what some very kind “blurbers” have said about my book:

“Dan Rubinstein has written the ultimate hymn to walking. A wise, witty and well-researched reminder that we are all born to walk. Read it now, and then go for a nice, long stroll.” — Carl Honoré, author, In Praise of Slow

“It would be too simple, too unreal, to suggest that reclaiming walking is at the heart of solving modern civilization’s woes. But Rubinstein gets close — very close — to doing so. It is a necessary, convincing book.” — Jennifer Keesmaat, chief planner, City of Toronto

“A captivating read on the simple yet complex activity of walking. A reflection on the lifelong benefits of putting one foot in front of the other and learning to celebrate each day.” — John Stanton, CEO and founder, The Running Room

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